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Hello, and welcome to my profile~! There's not much to see but I'll be sure to put up more. I'm currently working on character and settings for a comic book series that has pop up in my head (for no reason what-so-ever...). Don't worry though, i'll be sure to draw some fan arts and drawing about myself and...stuff...
I thank you for visiting my profile and tottles~! ^-^)/



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  So I took an attempt and chance to draw my gym teacher.  She actually looks kind of younger than her actual age, though o.o
'There's Someone Out There...'
   I can't make a chapter of this, however I will tell you how going through these tough times could be very painful and could also affect people; me being one of them.

   Now what i'm about to tell you would be...pretty unbelievable...but I used to be a little more sociable (and active) than how I am today. In real life, that is.  Back in Elementary School, it felt like the core of the earth trying to burn me down instantly.  No matter where I go, even in after school, people would start judging me, bullying me for being fat and ugly. 

   "Well, that doesn't sound too bad, right?" For me, it is.  And I didn't even notice that the only reason of why they bully me was because they knew that I was too sweet-hearted and quiet that I wouldn't have a chance against them.  

   I know there was these two times that I remember; both of them involving my mother's old flip phone: one being that there was a mature picture on it that I didn't even notice was on it; the other being a girl who I assumed stole the battery to it.

   The hell I was in kept going and going until 5th grade, when I now noticed they grew bored.  Thank god they did, because after all those years, I couldn't take it.  That's when I decided to fail each and every class to drop out of school; it seemed like the only way.  But then at the same time I knew that my mom would be furious at me for failing class AND be expelled at the same time.  

    That's when my cognition came in.  I see people as shadows who wanted to lure me back into the abyss.  For me to be lost there, and for no where to run anymore.  Negative thoughts runs through me, such as, "You shouldn't be here anymore" and "live longer and you'll be a disgrace to your whole family".  
    Most people would ignore them, but my heart was taking all of that in. A few weeks, later, I didn't want to talk to anyone anymore.  Whenever you talk to them, you could feel that judgement coursing right to you.  Also because I was afraid that people would bully me again.

    It keeps happening even in 7th grade, when I almost committed suicide.  My mom assumed that I was only trying to kill myself just because I didn't listen. Nope, not just that.  The last quote 2 paragraphs before this one explains it; i'm a disgrace.  I see the rest of the family, and they work through it all.  And what do I do? Be a shut-in, playing games and watching television.  Nothing I did to make my family happy.  It took me a few days later to get my head straight.  That's when I noticed: I don't want to die.  My family would cry if I did.  Sariah and Jaidyn would cry the most, though.  Those two are like my BFFs (even though they're younger than me, but still owo).  If I die, I wouldn't be able to see my little baby cushion (brother) be born.

    So I went back home with my mother.  I went back to school and nothing changed.  The first thing that went into my head when going to school was "Ok, maybe I should've died".  I was avoiding the students back then.  Past issues here.

    After 8th grade, I thought I failed as a daughter.  My desired school, Arts High School, didn't accept me in (because I draw anime most of the time; but my friend's sketchbook got anime on it???).  However, I chose a backup high school that I really am glad to be in: West Caldwell Tech.  That name alone sounds like a school that belongs in the suburbs, right? Yeah, it actually is.

   My cognition had still wanted me to drop out of school at the start, but it's started to gradually fade near the end of SophOmore year, when my uncle told me a valuable speech that would be ingrained in my head (I forgot some of the parts, though. Sorry if you see this, Uncle Russ ;w; ). After that, my head really took it in.  I don't know what it had realized, but it does realize one thing that I know: to stop sulking and be ahead of the game. To don't let the burning torch scorch you until you're ash.  To keep moving and look towards the future, not on the past.

   Actually, if it hadn't been for my family and the friends that I made, I wouldn't be able to be here at all.  And it's especially thanks to you guys.  You are all so nice and precious to me; you're like my children ;w;

   My hands trembled while I was typing this whole thing, too.  I always wanted to have a chance to do this, but I've never found the courage to.

   I'm still recovering from the after effects, though.  Back into the "Fluttershy / Pinkie Pie" side of me ^-^.  If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading the whole thing.  It means a lot to me because that shows that you really do care about people.

    Well, I gotta go to bed for school tomorrow.  I bless and wish everyone a beautiful and graceful sleep upon the stars, and remember: Don't be astray from the fog.  Always look forward to the light, even though it's dim (and yes, even though it's your cuddly little sibling lol) ^-^
Puccagarukiss fanart
  Fan art for Puccagarukiss~! ^-^)/

And how does she know that I ship them? o-o
Noirre Park Chapter 1 page 1
  Finally it's here! Sorry for the crappy beginning, I tried to think of something else but sadly this corrupted me lol

To be frank, I like it owo

And I was going to do it on paper, however school year's coming to a close (i think) and once it's over, that means no scanner!  And I know that I took pictures on my phone and submitted it like that, but the reason why I need a scanner for this series is just in case there's someone who couldn't see much (or blind o-o).  So I switched to digital for now.
Scootaloo Loves Sans fan art
  Scootaloo Loves Sans is a youtuber whose art style and artwork are cute, her videos nice, awesome, and silly in many ways, and is an awesome person as whole! 

Actually, this was supposed to be just a break draw for mr from my school project, but then it is a fan art, so....

For the ones in waiting for the first page of the comic, i'm kind of busy on my project.  Don't worry though, it's half finished; so please wait a little more, ok? ^-^)/


Check her out; she's a youtuber you might like (and she needs more subs! :3):…

What's with the digital artwork, you say? o-o

I save paper for Mother nature too, you know! owo
  I know. But one more fanart. Please!? I promise i'll start working on the first chapter after I'm finished with the Betty fanart. It would be uploaded page by page.

  I'm really sorry.  I know that's what you guys were waiting for it since the start. And i've been procrastinating after the Norith Middle Class drawing. And then with that absence, i've should've been more active to at least let you guys know that i'm not dead...

  If I break this promise, please scold me for it. And as for the comic, if you like to tell me advices on some things I need to work on, that would be awesome. I really need a lot of criticism in order to make the series satisfied for everyone. 

  So there you have it.  I'll start working on it after one more fanart. I would then work on some more characters and settings for the next chapter. 

  And i'm sorry again for being unorganized with my schedule. I'm not the organized type, but i'll find a way to manage it. ^-^

Stay tuned for the last fanart (for now) and Chapter 1 of the comic series, "Norrie Park"~! ^-^)/


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